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The most common reason for a thesis being rejected at the review stage is not due to the content or the research that you have conducted. Rejections are more often than not due to poor writing with regards to your use of the English language. Academic English is very particular, your writing must be perfect and the format must also be perfect; this si something that many students fall foul of. It will be suggested that you use professional thesis editors before you submit your work.

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Why do you need thesis editors?

Many people try to edit or proofread their work themselves or they rely on their computer to do it for them. While this can catch some mistakes it will not catch all of them. You know precisely what it is that you are trying to say with your work and will often read what you intend to say rather than what you have actually written, overlooking mistakes in your writing. You may also be blinded to potential improvements that you could make with your wording and structure.

Software is also unreliable, it will not always catch every spelling mistake, especially if you have used the wrong word (to, too, two). You cannot rely on your computer to ensure that your work is up to scratch, even the more expensive spelling and grammar checkers. You need to use one of our thesis editors or thesis proofreaders to review your work.

So our thesis editors:

  • Ensure spelling and grammar is correct
  • Check that words are used appropriately
  • Check that format is correct
  • Ensure transitions are in place

How do our thesis editors work?

A thesis proofreader will go through your thesis and ensure that your work is free of spelling and grammatical errors as well as any obvious formatting issues. A thesis editor will also look at the words that you have selected to ensure that they are appropriate for the level and subject of your thesis. Your thesis editor will also look at the full flow of your thesis and will ensure that the transitions between different parts flow correctly ensuring that your thesis reads well.

They will work through your thesis and mark up the changes that they recommend you can then work through those changes and decide which changes you want to accept and which you would prefer to reject. You therefore get the final say as to exactly what you will submit as your final thesis.

Our thesis editing guarantees

Our thesis editors are fully qualified editors as well as being qualified in the specific subject, this ensures that they have a full understanding of the work that is being edited and will know the appropriate language to use.

Thesis Writers provide you with a full satisfaction guarantee that will protect you fully, if you feel that the work conducted is not up to standard then it can be repeated free of charge or you can have your money returned.

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Our thesis editors and thesis proofreaders provide the highest standards of service, you will not be disappointed.